Kiki Dahl's first language was food, followed closely by Spanish. She grew up in Southern California drawing cartoons on Saturday mornings with her dad every other weekend. She was heavily influenced by shows like Ren + Stimpy, Rockos Modern Life and Adult Swim in her early years. She likes still-life typography, cats, design, comics, macarons, cartoons (duh) and taking photos. Her father has long held the title of Captain Nintendo for his achievements in Video Game Excellence (there is no such title). She hopes to one day dethrone him.

Bachelors of Fine Arts 
Creative Direction / Advertising
ArtCenter College of Design
in progress

Urban Outfitters: 
Diary photography feature (2017)
 headlining photo, article body photos; analog photography
Headlining photography feature (2017)
 headlining portrait; analog photography

                        ArtCenter Hillside Gallery  (2018-2020)
                         ADT / Advertising Gallery
                        GFX / Graphic Design Gallery